Due to ongoing maintenance, eFiling will be intermittently available on Friday, 11 September 2015 between 17h00 and 22h00. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Employers Interim Reconciliation
Reconciliation is open from 1 September to 30 October 2015 for the period 1 March to 31 August 2015. Remember, employers with 20 or less IRP5s can also use eFiling. See our clarification notes for more info.

Tax Season open from 1 July 2015
Tax Season for Individuals and Trusts opened 1 July 2015. See the important dates and our tips for this year, read more.

Withholding Tax on Interest (WTI) Accounts
WTI accounts are available on eFiling. Read more here on how to make a WTI payment and claim refunds.

Transferring taxpayers on eFiling Important changes have been made when transferring a taxpayer on eFiling. Read more here.

Merging all types of taxes
From 1 November 2014, a new merging function is available on eFiling. This function will help you easily merge all the types of taxes into one single profile for each client/entity. Read more here.




SARS has developed a free software application which allow employers to complete the declarations offline on the PC and then send these to SARS.

SARS has developed a free software application which allow Dividends Declarants and Regulated Intermediaries to submit dividend transaction data and complete declarations offline on the PC and then send these to SARS.

Advance Tax Ruling (ATR) 
Please note that only cheque payments are accepted for ATR applications - applicants making payment are requested to deliver the cheque at the following address: ATR section, Khanyisa Building, 271 Bronkhorst Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria. For more information or detail please email ATRinfo@sars.gov.za.

Adobe security issues
Adobe released security updates for Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh and Linux to address a critical vulnerability. SARS has Adobe Flash content on some of our websites and may send you documents which require Adobe Flash Player to open these documents. We encourage you to update your security as failure to do so may leave your computer susceptible to hacking. You can access these updates directly from the
Adobe Download Centre or by accepting the update prompt via the installed product.


Beware of the latest SARS scams
Please remember, SARS will not request your banking details through email, sms or telephone. For the latest scams, click here....

SARS eFiling is a free, simple and secure way of interacting with SARS from the comfort of your home or office...

  • 01-07-2015 - Start of Tax Season for Individuals and Trusts
  • 01-09-2015 - Start of Interim Employers Tax Season
  • 30-09-2015 - Manual/postal submission
  • 30-10-2015 - End of Interim Employers Tax Season
  • 27-11-2015 - Electronic at SARS branch (non-provisional)
  • 27-11-2015 - eFiling (non-provisional)
  • 29-01-2016 - Provisional taxpayers (eFiling)



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