Tax Payments

Electronic payment for tax returns not submitted via the eFiling Service and additional payments for already submitted returns

SARS eFiling now offers the capability to make a payment in respect of a tax return which has been manually submitted as well as for any additional payment. By following the 5 easy steps below you can make payments to SARS without having to submit an electronic return

Customs and Air Passenger Tax payments now available Please note credit push payments for Customs and Air Passenger Tax payments can only be done through FNB Internet banking, CAMS - Standard Bank’s Business Online (CATS) – Nedbank’s Netbank Business. At present ABSA payments are not possible.

All that you need is your tax reference number. You are able to use any one of the following banking products ABSA Direct Internet Banking, ABSA Cashfocus, FNB Electronic Banking, Standard Bank’s Business Online (CATS), Standard Bank Autopay, NedTreasury, Netbank Business

No registration, no return form, no fuss, quick and easy! Click on the Tax Payments button:

  • Step 1 : Capture your tax reference number for the particular tax type , with payment type and amount
  • Step 2 : Select anyone of the credit push payment methods
  • Step 3 : Confirm your payment
  • Step 4 : Print the payment confirmation with your unique Payment Reference, and store for future reference
  • Step 5 : Logon to your banking application and authorise the payment

Click here to start the process

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